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Plumbing Lecturer

Job Title: Plumbing Lecturer
Type: Permanent
College/Department: Newcastle College
Salary: Up to £42’150
Hours: Monday – Friday

Purpose of Role

As an Advanced Technical Lecturer, the post holder will teach and manage learning on a range of courses from entry-level to level 7 in the jobs in demand sector of plumbing and heating

In addition to the key responsibilities and duties of a lecturer, the Advanced Technical Lecturer will be able to effectively translate the technical requirements of the workplace into high-quality, subject-specific
delivery of plumbing and heating and is expected to lead subject pedagogy in the discipline of  Domestic Gas (Wet Central Heating), Heating and Ventilation Installation (Domestic), Domestic Heating, Water regulations and unvented hot water systems, or be willing to work towards immediately. Through their exceptional advanced ability and specific industry expertise, the post holder will have the responsibility to share the expert delivery of TLA in the subject context of plumbing and heating to develop the skills of the broader
delivery team in which they will work.

You will produce and review material in the chosen curriculum, explain concepts and theories, and demonstrate techniques for practical skills using equipment or technologies that are standard and current for that industry.

As an employee within NCG, all employees are required to promote, uphold and demonstrate through personal example, our values and behaviours.

Key Responsibilities

  • To provide a responsive and innovative curriculum area that meets the demand for specific skills in your industry in the region and develops students’ work-readiness, employability and enterprise skills in this context.
  • Lead subject-pedagogy development and drive departmental improvements in the expert delivery of TLA in the subject context of plumbing and heating, specifically Domestic Gas (Wet Central Heating), Heating and Ventilation Installation (Domestic), Domestic Heating, Water regulations and unvented hot water systems.
  • Be a member of course teams responsible for the effective and efficient organisation and delivery of high-quality learning programmes.
  • Undertake a range of administration and programme leadership duties as well as undertaking teaching duties.
  • Proactively contribute to curriculum and self-development (including CPD, research and scholarly activity) aligned to current and future business needs and supporting the growth of the curriculum.
  • Demonstrate consistently the positive attitudes, values and behaviours of the organisation. 

    Duties undertaken by the postholder include being the lead academic/teacher for a designated course(s) and/or course tutor to designated courses and groups of students.  These duties will extend to (but are not limited to) responsibility for:

  • Identification and assessment of students’ needs and progress.

  • Deliver high-quality learning and teaching programmes and activities that underpin positive outcomes for students.

  • Design and implement innovative assessment strategies to assess learning and students’ achievements.

  • Provide high-quality feedback to students to drive improvement in both technical and non-technical skills required for the industry.

  • Undertake assessment, verification and self-assessment processes in line with agreed NCG / Divisional Quality procedures.

  • Monitor the quality performance of the programme(s), making timely and effective interventions to ensure a positive impact for students.

  • Establish and maintain productive relationships with employers, parents/carers to promote the work of the College and the progress of students.

  • Lead programme teaching team(s) to deliver a high-quality experience that meets quality and curriculum KPIs and positive student outcomes.

  • Ensure the effective recruitment, attendance, retention, achievement, progression and destinations of students.

  • Support recruitment and marketing activities.

  • Monitor, evaluate and improve the quality and effectiveness of personal practice and that of learning programmes and sessions.

  • Set and maintain high expectations for student success and development of teaching expertise amongst peers within the delivery team, leading to quantifiable improvements in TLA and valued student outcomes.

  • Plan, design and develop high-quality learning programmes and sessions that drive student progress, focusing on addressing the technical requirements for the industry area.


  • Educated to level 3 or above in English and/or maths.
  • Level 5 teaching qualification (or commitment to achieve within two years of commencing the course).
  • Evidence of continuous professional development.
  • Excellent verbal and written skills.
  • Excellent organisational skills.


  • Higher level English and/or maths-related qualification.
  • Higher level education-related qualification.
  • Experience in delivering English and/or maths in an apprenticeship setting.

For more information please get in touch with Aidan Antoniou at Imperial Recruitment Group.

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